Meet SRMC's Primary Care Providers

Primary Care Providers

Back Row: Aaron Skiles, CFNP; Kevin Henry, MD; Shane Cass, DO

Front Row: Rolando Flores, CFNP; Kay Garman, CFNP; Celia Valdez, MD; David V. Gonzales, MD 

Aaron Skiles, CFNP | Family Medicine

Receiving his bachelor's and master's degrees from UNM, Aaron grew up in Sandoval County and it has always been his long term goal to become a nurse practitioner to provide for the medical needs of the residents of Sandoval County. "I am very committed to the physical and emotional wellbeing of the people of New Mexico and I see it as a privilege to have the opportunity to serve my patients by working at SRMC." He is Nationally Certified from the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners and is excited to be joining in on SRMC's mission to improve the health of the surrounding communities.

Kevin Henry, MD | Family Medicine

Dr. Henry is a graduate of UNM's School of Medicine and is Board Certified in Family Medicine. "I want to continue to increase my knowledge base and work with the underserved population in Sandoval County," said Dr. Henry. "I enjoy working with all ages and backgrounds and I am excited to help promote health and wellness in New Mexico." During his free time, Dr. Henry goes out into the local landscape for hikes, bike rides and other outdoor activities where he can soak in the culture and all that New Mexico has to offer. "I appreciate the opportunity to work at a new facility that truly cares about its' patients, their families and their wellbeing."

Shane Cass, DO | Family Medicine & Sports Medicine

In addition to serving the community as a Board Certified primary care physician at SRMC, Dr. Cass is a team physician for the UNM Lobos, specializing in non-operative, primary care sports medicine. He is married with three children and said, "Practicing at SRMC represents the best of the community and university models of healthcare." He is excited to work in both worlds and continued to say, "The university model represents the highest level of care, specialization and training of physicians while the community model represents the patient-centered and friendly side of healthcare."

Rolando Flores, CFNP | Family Medicine

Rolando received his bachelor's and master's degrees from the University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania and is currently pursuing Doctor of Nursing Practice. He is fully bilingual in English and Spanish and said, "I feel deeply committed to the idea of universal access to quality healthcare and to the elimination of healthcare disparities." As a resident of Rio Rancho Rolando feels privileged to be able to serve this community from within SRMC and is proud to say that his personal philosophy is consistent with SRMC's mission.

Kay Garman, CFNP | Family Medicine

With her experience in rural health, SRMC is an exciting career venture for Kay. She received her bachelor's and master's degrees from Fort Hays State University in Hays, Kansas, and has now lived in New Mexico for five years and never tires of the beautiful sunsets, gorgeous mountains and overall 'enchantment.' "I treasure the values SRMC stands for. Not only for quality patient care, but for integrity of its employees and to never compromise that integrity," said Kay. She also feels that it is truly an honor to be able to work at SRMC and with the quality of healthcare providers that represent our team.

Celia Valdez, MD | Family Medicine

When Dr. Valdez isn't skiing or biking with her family, she is doing what she loves - taking care of patients. Dr. Valdez received her bachelor's and Medical School degrees from UNM, is Board Certified in Family Medicine and has lived and practiced on the Westside for 22 years. "Being a part of SRMC and serving my community members is a privilege and a blessing," said Dr. Valdez. "I am looking forward to helping improve the health of Westside residents, one patient at a time."

David V. Gonzales, MD | Internal Medicine

A native New Mexican, Dr. Gonzales has been on the faculty at the University of New Mexico since 1988. He earned a bachelor's  degree in Biology from New Mexico State University and his Medical Degree from Stanford University. He also received his MBA degree from the Anderson School of Management at UNM. "I am passionate about the health of New Mexicans and thrilled to be able to treat them here at SRMC," said Dr. Gonzales. During his time at the University, Dr. Gonzales became an advocate for Patient Safety and Quality Improvement and led the effort to improve patient safety at UNM University Hospital. He plans to continue these efforts at SRMC.

Ping Porter, CFNP | Family Medicine

Ping is Board Certified by the American Nurses Credentialing Center and has a Nursing in Nurse Midwifery master's degree and a Family Nurse Practitioner post master's certificate. "I chose to work at SRMC because it is a comprehensive medical center that provides primary care providers the opportunity to directly communicate with specialists," said Ping. "Personally, I am impressed with the genuine style of the leaders at SRMC."