Emergency Care

UNM Sandoval Regional Medical Center proudly offers expert Emergency Care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

In addition to being the closest Emergency Room available to New Mexicans living near or along the US-550 corridor, our Emergency Department:

  • Provides full-spectrum emergency medical services to individuals of all ages                                          
    • Children, adults and geriatric patients all receive exceptional care from nurses trained to handle the full spectrum of emergency situations
  • Includes 11 private emergency rooms and a two-bed resuscitation suite, equipped with specialized equipment to treat patients with life-threatening medical emergencies or traumatic injuries
  • Utilizes the latest technology available in the diagnosis and treatment of patients, including:
    • Advanced radiology and imaging capabilities
    • Arctic Sun 5000 Temperature Management System – a non-invasive medical device that allows for the precise management of a patient’s body temperature. The device is often used to  protect brain function after patients experience a cardiac arrest (condition where the heart has stopped beating effectively), stroke, or brain trauma
    • Telemedicine – electronic communications that enable immediate consultation with specialist physicians who provide additional guidance for patients with complex medical needs
    • Bariatric-friendly equipment to accommodate overweight patients
  • Offers on-site services that extend to…
    • Radiology and Imaging: Real-time X-ray imaging, MRI, and CT scanners
    • Laboratory testing: On-site, full-service, acute-care laboratory
    • Respiratory Therapy for assistance in resuscitation, airway management and mechanical ventilation
  • Shares the expertise and resources of the University of New Mexico
    • UNM Hospital-affiliated Physicians
    • Access to specialty consultation with UNMH
    • Referral links to UNMH                                                                                                   

Helpful information: http://nmpoisoncenter.unm.edu/