Sandy Aschenbrenner

Leaving satisfied: SRMC focuses on the patient experience

Sandy AschenbrennerWhen Sandy Aschenbrenner flipped her four-wheeler while off-roading in the Jemez Mountains last fall, the heavy ATV crushed her left arm against a rock, shattering the bones.

“I think I went into shock,” she says. Her husband rushed her to the newly opened Sandoval Regional Medical Center in Rio Rancho, where the emergency department staff immobilized the arm, gave her a prescription for painkillers and scheduled her for surgery with Dr. Paul Echols, a University of New Mexico orthopedic surgeon.

Two days later, after the swelling had subsided, Echols pieced the bones in her arm back together with a plate and 14 screws.

Today, Aschenbrenner, who lives in Rio Rancho and teaches at V. Sue Cleveland High School, twists and flexes her arm to demonstrate her recovery.  “I have almost 100 percent movement,” she says. “I can do the backstroke again.” 

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Picture Credit: John Arnold